The Coalition of the Willing (COTW) was founded in April, 2015, by Koya F. Graham, in Cleveland, OH. The initial intent of the organization was to create a space for mutual friends, from various social media sites, to meet and discuss common social issues affecting the Cleveland area and abroad.

The first meeting, held in May, eventually evolved into a recurring event, held every month, free to the public.

Discussions have ranged from forming a community credit union, to the establishment of a youth mentorship program. COTW, which was “unofficial” and loosely based in its infancy stages, has since become an official organization and is steadily increasing its presence in the greater Cleveland community. Koya firmly believes that “If you’re not official, people won’t take you seriously.”



The concept of the COTW is about projects – projects that align with our mission. There is one person that spearheads the project, from start to finish. This person is responsible for research, the procurement of services, resources, networking, etc., and “the willing” members volunteer their time to ensure that the project is completed.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s a huge job; a great responsibility on everyone’s part. However, we know that the need is great, and we are here to serve. WE ARE THE WILLING.